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Feel free to reach out either by phone or at the shop if you have questions.

BYOs that fail to meet our policy may be rejected, or may incur extra fees.

  • BYO for 6+ people must have prior booking with clear notification

    • Walk-in or unannounced BYOs for 6 and under only

    • Be sure to leave a note when booking online, or tell our staff on the phone


  • Corkage fee: $13/Bottle

    • All bottles must arrive unopened

    • All bottles opened during the sitting will be charged

    • The charge applies to vessels of any size


  • With-meal beverages only

    • BYO wines welcomed

    • No spirits or distilled drinks (e.g. Korean Soju), nothing above 25% alcohol

    • Other beverages are subject to Manager’s approval and might cause additional charges.


  • Minimum Spending: For each BYO customer

    • One main dish, or,

    • $25 food/drink spending excluding corkage, or,

    • $40 overall average spending across the table


  • Maximum BYO allowance is 750ml of any kind per customer

    • For inside tables, maximum 5 BYOs allowed per table/group


  • No drinking game

  • All BYO customers are still subject to regular ID and intoxication checks

  • BYO tables are still subject to regular seating time limit and table etiquettes

    • Extra time cannot be guaranteed if not arranged prior. 

    • No excessive noise or disruptive behaviors to other customers 

  • Violation to the policy may cause extra corkage fees, denial of BYO consumption, or be asked to leave

  • The Duty Manager can make final calls in any special circumstances

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